Art & Sensory play

develop sensory awareness, creativity &


Art and Sensory play are important for young children because they help to develop their sensory awareness, motor skills, creativity, and imagination. Sensory play involves using all of the senses to explore the world around us, while art allows us to express ourselves creatively. By providing children with opportunities to engage in sensory play and art, we can help them to learn and grow in many ways.

In all of our programs, we believe in the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment where children can feel free to experiment, explore, and express themselves without judgment. We also believe that art and play are essential tools for learning and development, and we are committed to providing children with opportunities to learn through play and grow their creative potential.

Our program is divided into four age groups:

Performance Play

 Bebe (12 to 18 months)

Theme: Exploration and Discovery

This program focuses on providing infants with a stimulating environment to explore their senses and develop their gross and fine motor skills.

✔️ Sensory play with different textures and materials

✔️ Music and movement activities

✔️ Interactive storytelling with costumes and props


Performance Play and Art

 Toddler (18 to 30 months)

Theme: Creativity and Expression

This program builds on the foundation of the Bebe program by introducing toddlers to a variety of art materials and creative

✔️ Exploring different art mediums such as paint, play-doh and crayons

✔️ Engaging in open-ended play with various props and materials

✔️ Singing, dancing, and acting out stories with costumes and props



(30 months to 3 years)

Theme: Imagination and Collaboration

This program encourages preschoolers to further develop their creative expression and problem-solving skills through a combination of art and play activities

✔️ Themed art projects based

✔️ Collaborative Art activities that promote social interaction and cooperation

✔️ Interactive music and movement experiences


Art and Play

Kindergarten (4 to 6 Years)

Theme: Exploration, Creativity, and Communication

This program provides kindergarteners with opportunities to refine their fine motor skills, explore their artistic abilities, and express their individuality through a variety of art and play experiences

✔️ Drawing, painting, and sculpting with a focus on specific techniques.

✔️ Engaging in open-ended art exploration with recycled materials and found objects.

✔️ Collaborate on art projects and performances, and to use art as a way to communicate their ideas and feelings.

✔️Technology Integration-Technology as a tool for creating art and exploring different form